Organizing has always been an interest of mine.  During my years as an elementary teacher, staying organized at home and at school helped me utilize my time so that I could give more to others, and myself.


Later, with three young children at home, I became passionate about how organization could help improve my effectiveness as a mother and wife.  It was easier to get involved in various interest when I knew that I didn’t have stacks of laundry building up, scattered paperwork, and toys to trip over.  Once I had systems in place to help regulate the chaos of a young family, it was also easier to relax and enjoy our life.

Americans have a lot of “stuff,” and sometimes those things can get out of control.  They take up physical, and emotional, space.  Organizing and decluttering can help you regain control and bring efficiency and tranquility into your life.  

As I have transitioned into more small, personal liquidation in the last year, my knowledge of "stuff" has grown, and I have enjoyed helping people make the transition from one living situation to another.

There are many books, videos, and websites that offer the perfect solution to a chaotic life.  After nearly 20 years of organizing in one capacity or another, I can tell you that one size does not fit all.  As an organizer, it is my job to get to know you and what is currently working in your life, and what isn’t. With knowledge born of experience, I help you to formulate a plan, execute it, and follow up to ensure that there is success. The important part is that in the end, a client receives a customized system that they can use successfully.  ​

Nobody “gets it all.”  Some are great a running a business, networking, or leading people. Others are masters at flexibility, staying on top of deadlines, or creating beautiful works of art. At NEST Home, there is no judgement.  Just as we seek help from a doctor, an accountant, a yard service, we may also need help from a professional organizer. You’ll be amazed at how much it can improve your life!

Lisa Filips