How does the free evaluation work?

Together, the client and I set up a time for me to come to the home for approximately an hour.  During that time, I ask a variety of questions that help determine the scope of the project.  An evaluation form can be completed together (you may also request a copy in advance), that also helps.  A client confirmation form is then completed with a customized quote which outlines the details of the necessary work.

My house is a mess!  I’m too embarrassed to ask for help!
I am not interested in making you feel shame or embarrassment.  I have worked in a variety of homes in many states of organization and cleanliness.  I just clap my hands and get ready to dig in with you!  

I don’t have time!  Can you just come and handle it for me please?

I can, and I have, but it is important to remember that you are an important part of the process for it to be effective for you.  Some ways of doing this are by completing before and after evaluations, being in contact through emails or phone calls, or providing time at the beginning and end of the work, in person.  Your input is important in order to meet your specific needs.

What does a professional organizer do?

A professional organizer helps you get, and stay organized in your daily life, be it at work or at home.  This includes getting your input on what is working and not working, and helping guide you towards a more effective process to help you find success.  It also includes hands-on organizing of those areas where you need help, like:

  • packing or unpacking a move

  • kids’ rooms

  • paperwork and filing

  • creating a working storage space

  • garages

  • closets

  • drawers

How much does this cost?

The evaluation is free.  During the evaluation, a custom plan is designed that will give you a pretty good idea of what the total cost will be.  You can chose to do one room, or one project at a time, and scheduling can be flexible to meet your budget.

There is an hourly rate of $48, and discounted pricing is available for clients after 10 hours.

My spouse thinks this is too expensive!

*I am cheaper than marriage counseling (you could stop here…). 
*The hourly rate is actually on the bottom end of the market average for this service. 
*The amount of time and money you are now spending to live with an unorganized home will be quickly recovered after hiring a professional organizer.  You’ll come out ahead, financially AND emotionally!

What is the process?
The process starts with an initial contact to arrange a free evaluation.

During the evaluation, we identify your goals and expectations, and create a customized process, which includes the work to be done and the amount of time predicted to complete the work.  A final cost is estimated, and details such as discarded items, purchased materials, etc. are discussed and agreed upon.  There is no obligation to proceed at the conclusion of the free evaluation.

Organizing sessions are scheduled.  During that time, we will do hands-on decluttering and organizing, I will provide new system suggestions, supply recommendations, and remove unwanted items, if necessary.  All of this is outlined in our agreement form.

Follow up appointments are scheduled, if necessary, at the conclusion of the process.

How long will it take?

Well, that can be a tricky one to answer.  There are very loose guidelines that I use in estimating how long a room, for example, will take.  But the answer really lies with how quickly you can make decisions about your stuff and how much of it there is.  There may be some areas that are fairly easy for you to assess, and others may take more time.  Either way is fine.  


It even works for some clients if I assign “homework” to be completed on their own timeline. Keep this in mind as you approach the process.  You want to be happy with the results!    An organizer not only helps you DO the organizing, they also help you learn what systems YOU can utilize best for yourself.  That takes time, because a SYSTEM doesn’t solve the issues, the PERSON does.

I hate getting rid of stuff! Is an organizer going to make me throw all my stuff away?

Absolutely not. You should keep everything you love and love everything you keep.  An organizer helps you determine this by working with you to find a solution.  Many people want to pursue a more minimalist lifestyle, and others like to be surrounded by things they love.  It is really up to the individual, and that is why hiring the right professional organizer is important.

I’m worried about my privacy.

That is understandable when inviting someone new into your home.  Rest assured, maintaining your privacy is a highly important part of my job.  I will not tell what I see or find at your house.  Please read the Code of Ethics on NAPO’s website, as I adhere to this code.

Who is professional organizing for?

Anyone who wants help, really.  Here are some examples:

  • A single man who wants a presentable home, but his skill set isn’t in organizing.

  • A fashionista who needs help organizing her closet.

  • A family who struggles to keep track of papers, schoolwork, and schedules.

  • A couple who is downsizing to a smaller living space, and needs help deciding what to take and what to sell, donate, etc.

  • A business that struggles to maintain a system of paper organizing.

  • Someone moving out of or into a new home

  • Anyone who has accumulated more items than they have room for.

  • A person who feels like their items and chaos dictate their life, and not the other way around.

  • Someone who needs a little guidance in tidying up some chaotic spaces in their home.