3 MORE Things to Purge Right Now!

October is not a great month for good shopping deals, with the exception of cars. But it IS a good idea to add a few items to your Christmas list right now. Black Friday is the best day to buy many items, in particular those that plug in. Therefor, take a few minutes this week to do an inventory, and possibly purge, the following items...


That blender that has a leaky seal? A mixer with a noisy motor? Maybe a toaster oven you never really use? Take a moment to reconsider these. Maybe you can get a few bucks back buy posting some "gently used" appliances, but make sure to price them low, so they will go! If still functional, consider passing along to a charity of your preference.


Technology sales really start heating up in November and December, and you can get some really great deals on the "next new thing." Take a look at your phone, charger cords and stations, televisions, and speakers. Start making a list of those items you wish to replace. Consider also that it is rather tough to resell items in the first few months after the new year, so you may want to get in on reselling items now.


Electric toothbrushes, hairdryers, plug-in razors, make-up mirrors, and pedicure systems all take a beating, and often reach the ICK stage before we have a chance to really clean them up. It is often hygienic to replace several of these items regularly, so take stock now, before the shopping season is upon us.

There's still time to budget for some essentials that will be great purchases for great prices before the end of the year. Although it may be hard to buy items for ourselves around the holidays, sometimes it is the most economical. A quick search online for "best Black Friday deals" will net you dozens of sites that will walk you through the best prices, and is worth your time in money saved. Good luck!

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