Living in Wisconsin, we've come to be a hearty breed, but it still stings a bit when snows arrives in early October. For me, it was a call to get out the winter gear. Here are some tips YOU can use as you ready yourself for the next season.


We have an area in our storage room where all of our winter coats are hung. Once the white stuff starts to fly, we race to bring these upstairs into the laundry room closet. Before you are actually needing to wear winter coats daily, it is a good time to take an inventory. Does last year's coat still fit? Do zippers need replacing, or does your coat need a quick wash? Are you interested in a new style? If you are truly done with a coat, and it is in good condition, consider upcoming coat drives in your area, they are often located at convenient drop-off locations. The best thing, however, is that you are benefitting someone in need. Put your coat in a labelled bag in your trunk or back seat so your ready to drop it off quickly.


We have one hack of a time wrangling all the different mittens and hats in our house. With five people, most of whom are active outdoors all year round, we have quite the collection. We've addressed this by purchasing a three-drawer tupperware cabinet (image above), and storing it in our laundry room closet, which has an entry from the garage. Each bin corrals one type of item (mittens and gloves, hats, and scarves). Before the season is off to a cold start, I usually take a few minutes to do a quick check. I make sure each mitten has a match and still fits one of us, hats are in good shape and don't need mending, and scarves are washed and ready to go. Anything we're done with that is in good shape gets donated, and I make sure to keep an eye open for sales for any items we may need.


Winter boots take a beating at our house, especially in the ODOR department. Many boots for younger kids have liners that can be washed, but it they don't, P. U. For this reason, we are careful to thoroughly dry out our boots during the season by sticking them upside down over a heater vent at night. When I take out our boots in the fall and there is STILL a stink, we toss them and buy a new pair for the season. If any of the kids have simply outgrown a pair, we often bag them and put them in the USAgain bin, which locally is in the parking lot of the BP on Holmen Drive. USAgain is dedicated to reducing textile waste and protecting the environment by giving clothes and shoes a second life, which is a win for all of us.

STUCK doing your own winter gear overhaul? NEST Home LLC can help, just give me a call!