A New Year

I think it is a rare time when the majority of people are happy to turn the page on a calendar year. We can assume 2021 will be better than 2020, right? Do we still need to make resolutions, then?

New Year's Resolutions and their failure rates have become a bit of a joke. We set goals that are far too lofty, then spend a lot of time lamenting our failure, which can become a bit of a mental health disaster.

In an effort to curb this vicious cycle, some mental health professionals have attempted to change the face of resolutions.

One such suggestion is to set an OLW, or One Little Word, as a guide for your year. It removes the goal-setting process, and instead focuses on a theme for how you live day to day. This has also turned into a business, with multiple lifestyle gurus cashing in on paper products to help you record your journey.

Turning a resolution into small, actionable goals is another way to change our traditional attempts. By writing down realistic and attainable goals, broken down into smaller steps, we are able to see success in steps, which psychologists say builds upon positive growth and success instead of failure.

Why do people make Resolutions anyway? Is it an attempt to wipe away any failure and lack of motivation from the previous year? Is it an honest attempt to live a more purpose-driven life? Is it simply a popular trend we feel inclined to follow?

There's no doubt that setting goals and making a plan can be helpful. It is even a requirement in securing a business loan. But is this trend more harmful to individuals than helpful?

Only you can discern what is true for you. I have friends who regularly set a yearly goal. Most have given up even thinking of them mid-year. Others I know set monthly goals, and record their progress weekly. More, still, have nothing to do with setting goals, for one reason or another.

Whether you have New Year's Resolutions or not, my wish for you for healthy, experience-rich, love-filled days. If you or someone you know needs an organizer this year, please call.

Happy New Year!