It's Always Worse Before it Gets Better.

There has never been a time, EVER, when I have worked with a client on an organizing job and not had to say this.

Maybe you have experienced this, too? We cleaned our garage this weekend. We started by hauling everything out into the driveway so we could get all the winter sand swept out. Our driveway looked like a bomb had gone off! It certainly looked worse than our garage did before we started. We had friends stop by who even said, "man, I'm glad I don't have to deal with all this!"

As often the case, things look worse before they get better.

I have a visual aid I use with my clients. It is an old plastic slide puzzle. Here's an example:

The goal is to move tiles into the adjoining space until all are aligned to form a picture. It doesn't look like you're making any progress, especially at first.

When working in a small space in particular, things get crowded and messy, fast! It is also when my client is at her most panicked. The jobs looks overwhelming! Messy! Far, far from organized. But it is also a very important part of the process. Once everything is removed from a space, or put in one big pile, you get a much clearer vision of what you want your space to be. Then, my client and I work together to bring back to a space those items that are necessary, useful, appreciated.

It is also at this juncture that many clients want to know where they should start. That's when I use this analogy..."if you're hungry and there's a plate of pasta in front of you, does it matter which strand of spaghetti you start with?" Sometimes it is simply starting that is a struggle. Once we've taken that first step, things proceed pretty smoothly.

I share all of this for those of you who are motivated to do a clean-up job yourself. They are helpful bits of advice when tackling a storage unit purge, a cupboard organization, or even a garage clean-out.

For those of you who don't want to do it yourself? Give me a call.