Merry Christmas!

During this Christmas week, my family and I are finishing shopping, planning meals, cleaning our house, and traveling. I find with all of the anticipation, I don't take time to live in the moment, and Christmas is over before I know it. I try to take a minute or two sometime, in the middle of the day, to practice the following exercise:

I put the kettle on and make a good, hot cup of herbal tea. I find myself a comfy spot on the couch, throw an afghan on my lap, and soon after welcome our cat Beans, who seems ready for the opportunity of a good purr. Then:


The feel of the socks on my feet.

The smell of my tea, the scent of the Christmas tree, and the delicious food being made.

The sunlight catching the stained glass in the window, the shiny

leaves on my lemon tree, and the texture of the wood floor.

My loved ones, who are talking and zipping around the house, laughing, teasing, being


The sounds of the birds chirping outside the window, mingling with my kids' voices.


My concerns about money.

My worries about my health, and that of my loved ones.

My plans for tomorrow, next week, next year.

My differences with others.

My anxieties about politics, the future of our children, and the violence in our society.


For the comfort of my couch.

For the roof over my head.

For the warmth in my house when it is cold outside.

For the love, support, and companionship of my family and friends.

For the opportunity to sit, if only for a few minutes, and recenter myself on the things that matter.

I hope you find peace and joy this holiday season. Take a minute to relax, enjoy, and be grateful. I am grateful for YOU.

Merry Christmas!