Now or Later?

Every task we chose to put off today is still there tomorrow.

Taking out the full garbage.

Doing the dirty laundry.

Removing the clothes in our closet that no longer fit, that we no longer want.

Purging the paperwork that is no longer necessary.

You get to decide when you do these things, obviously, but the longer you wait, the more it will cost you.

In time.

In money.

In stress.

I've worked with clients who have moved across state lines many, many times, and they have hauled all of their belongings. And I mean, ALL.

The torn doily that grandma made.

The dog bed that is shredded, with no dog to use it.

Cards from every anniversary, birthday, and special ocassion. Theirs, their parents, and their grandparents.

Paperclips, file folders, single socks, torn tissue paper, half a candy bar, old address books.

I conservatively figure the cost of boxing and moving these items has cost thousands of dollars.

What happens, then, when a house is full? A final move is to be made? No one wants to or is available to do the work?

That's where I come in.

I can do this work all day, every day, and I love it. It costs my client. A lot. As much as I'd love to help, I am paid to perform a job, and I do it well.

What can you do NOW to prevent this? Take a half a day to shore up your paperwork and billing situation. Purge that pile of clothing in the back room. Go through your toolbox or work space. Eliminate multiples, things you don't use, or don't work well. Sell what you can, throw out the broken, donate the rest.

Maybe consider working with a family member, or friend, or hire a professional organizer (I know someone) to help. The time you spend now developing and using these skills, the easier it is to maintain, and the more money you will save in the long run.

The biggest reasons to start now, however, is the peace you will find, and the stress you will eliminate. Couldn't we all use more peace in our lives? Especially now? Don't put that off.

Call if you need me.