I use a lot of different skills and tools on an organizing job, and one in particular I call "Plinko."

Maybe you remember this game from The Price is Right?

A contestant takes a round disc, like a large poker chip, and holds it flat along the top of the tilted Plinko board. The hope is that after your chip maneuvers its way through pegs by way of gravity, it will land in a big dollar slot at the bottom.

When I come along a large job with many objects, my task is to ultimately "Plinko" an object into its home.

It's very similar to when a new organism is discovered. Scientist use a taxonomy chart.

One of the first big designations I make is whether a client wants to keep something, or wants it to go. With some clients, this takes time, thought, and conversation, and is a very important part of the process, With others, it's a rapid and decisive response, and the reasoning is just as critical if I am to get to know and understand my client. .

Next, we will further decide the final "home" of an object. If you look at the following chart I use, you can see how this all works out.

There are LOTS of other things that need to get done before a job is done, like arranging dumpsters, contacting donation centers, ensuring things are disposed of properly etc., but ultimately, my job is to work with a client to create a space free of clutter, and where most everything has a "home."

It seems simple, perhaps, but the process is actually just as important as a finished job. I do have repeat customers, and for a variety of reasons, but it always makes me happy when a client reaches out months down the line and shares success with something they've learned from our sessions together. THAT'S what it is all about for me.

Need an organizer? Reach out, I'd love to work together.