Products-Buy This, Not That

I love, love, love organizing containers. Big, small, clear, opaque, shiny and bright, rainbow striped, I love them all. As you can see from my "intake" area, however, I am not a traditionalist. I will take almost anything and use it as a container, from tuna cans to shoe boxes, I've used it all.

I am not alone in loving storage containers. Open any retail store flyer and you'll probably see at least one section devoted to organizing materials. This is a HUGE market, and for good reason. There's been a recent push to get organized, and it it a big money maker.

Before you write a big check for containers, hoping they'll solve your disorganization, spend a smaller amount on really functional products while you work to change some habits.

To help you along, I recently went to The Dollar Tree here in Holmen, WI, and found a ton of great deals. Here are a few of them:

If you are looking to streamline your office, there are TONS of office supplies a. Folders, binders, dividers, even small staplers, tape dispensers, and envelopes are all to be found for $1.

Need to contain toys, clothes, blankets, items in your vehicle? Use handy laundry linen bags and cloth boxes.

Create your own "home repair" kit , and store in this box. Include paintbrushes, electrical tape, and small tools


If you are looking for hooks to hang bathroom towels, dishrags, laundry, cleaning supplies, even tools in the garage, a variety of styles and sizes are available.

In addition to self-adhesive hooks, a variety of felt pads with sticky adhesive was found in one aisle...these are great for use behind pictures, under and table legs, or even under decor to prevent surface scratching.

This picture shows a small sampling of all of the containers I spotted.They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and are great to consolidate belongings under a sink, tools, and crafts.


Don't get me wrong, containers CAN help with your organizing needs, but they really don't address the bottom line...YOU. Working with an organizing professional is one way to get down to the real reasons you are chronically disorganized. Until then, hit your local dollar store!