Spice, Spice, Baby!

Do you have a favorite, organized spot in your house? When you see that space, does it make you smile, and feel content?

I have that place in my house, and it's my spice drawer.

Years ago, in an effort to wrangle all the odd bottles and jars of spices we use (and we use a lot!), I stumbled upon these small, plastic containers. I chose not to go with glass (three kids, after all!), but each has a filtered cap and flat lid. I took out my label machine and got to work.

Over the years, I've added a pestle and mortar, specialty seasonings in bags, and a few others items that didn't quite fit the system. Instead of stressing out, I simply made room, and created a layout that works.

Creating order in a disordered space feels good. With so much that feels out of control right now, it's nice to have a spot that feels comforting.

If you need help creating such a space, give me a call. Until then, have a great week.