Whether you are excited and energized to start, or dread it like a mid-April snowfall, spring cleaning is often a great way to get a jump start on warmer weather.

I’ve broken down your spring cleaning into 10 easy steps. Each week, you’ll find a couple of these tasks broken down into easy-to-use directions, including short cuts and insider tips.

Do them in whichever order you’d like, but doing them in THIS order has worked for me!

Here they are:

1. Windows

2. Closets

3. Home Maintenance

4. Kitchen

5. Bedrooms and General Living Spaces

6. Bathrooms

7. Storage

8. Clean

9. Garage

10. Refresh!

In the coming weeks, it may be helpful to budget in an hour or two a week to start tackling these. The return on this small investment will be a home that is ready to greet warmer weather with joy and excitement!