Spring Cleaning and Organizing-BATHROOM edition!

Ewwwww. Bathrooms are usually our least favorite places to clean, right? That’s were all the germs live! But let’s suit up and get this done!

Start your bathroom project by organizing. Make sure your bathroom counter or floor are clear and wiped down, and pick a drawer or cabinet to empty. Wipe down the interior and exterior, and prepare to make some decisions about your bathroom’s contents. Most people find that they’ve purchased products throughout the year that have fallen far short of expectations, being it the perfect mascara or a magical lotion. If left unused, and over time, these products can go bad. Most donation sites and charities do not welcome bathroom products that have been used, so your best bet is to empty the contents into your sink or a plastic garbage bag, dispose, and recycle the container.

.Small containers are great for corralling “like minded” items like hair ties, flossing devices, etc. in narrow drawers and cabinets. They are readily available, and quite inexpensive (try the Dollar Store!). In a pinch, we’ve used the bottoms of tupperware containers (those that have lost their lids), cardboard jewelry boxes, even clean tuna cans. They utilize these small spaces wonderfully, and help streamline your morning routine.

Once the “guts” of your bathroom are clean and organized, it is simply a matter of cleaning.

If you have a vent in your bathroom, get on a ladder and gently pop the top off. Once removed, you will see how much dust and lint collects there…the cover can be washed directly in your bathroom sink with soap and water, dried, and replaced.

Shower curtains are easily washed on the delicate setting of your washer and dryer, mirrors can be cleaned, pictures and decor dusted, and then it is time to conquer that toilet bowl and shower.

Stained toilet bowls have been conquered by one wonder product I have found called a Pumie Stick. Found at hardware stores and online for under a couple of bucks, they are great in removing water stains in porcelain toilets! Also, if you don’t have pets that drink out of your toilets, colorless bleach tablets work great in the tank for preventing stains.

Showers are a whole different ball of wax. I always say that showers are best cleaned when you are in them, in your, uh, birthday suit. It is almost impossible to do an effective job cleaning the interior of a shower without taking one yourself. Depending on the materials used in your shower (always follow the cleaning advice for your specific material), giving the interior a good scrub is the way to go. Tough water stains on glass have been effectively removed by mixing toothpaste and water with a tough brush, then rinsing and recleaning with a mixture of vinegar and water. Persistence and maintenance is the key here.

Give your walls a wipe down with mild soap and water, clean the front of wooden cabinets, doors, and trim with Murphy’s Oil Soap and water, get those rugs washed if you have them (either at home or professionally), and finish with the floors.

Bathroom complete!

Next up: Cleaning and Organzing: STORAGE edition!