Spring Cleaning and Organizing-HOME MAINTENANCE edition.

Ahhh, home maintenance. One of the never-ending tasks when you own a home. Here are some handy tips for specific things you may want to address in the spring.

1. Smoke alarms

You know, those annoying things that only run out of batteries in the middle of the night? Each spring, do yourself a favor and purchase a pack of 9V batteries, and take 15 minutes to replace the battery in every. Single. Smoke alarm. In your house. You’ll always regret not doing this!

2. Furnace filters

Replacing your furnace filter is an important job to remember. Make it easier on yourself by writing the date of replacement right on the filter itself, then remember to take a look at it in the spring. Not sure the last time you did this? One look at those cotton-like pleats and you’ll have your answer.

3. Garage door openers

Seems silly, but you’ll learn the hard way once you’ve run out of garage door opener remote batteries. Replacing these once a year is inexpensivee, and smart, too.

4. Air conditioner

Make sure your air conditioner is working properly and the outside unit is free from spring growth for efficiency. This is usually a “hired out” job.

5. Dryer cleanout

Our dryer gets used a lot, and one task we've found is helpful in the spring is to clean out that metal accordion tube connecting the dryer to the venting system in your house. Cleaning out the vent box outside is also recommended.

6. Siding

Once the weather is warm enough, I have a grand old time using the power washer on the siding of the house. I’ve used electric (plug-in) power washers before, but nothing really compares to a gas powered version. Normally cleaner is not necessary, but there are some earth and landscaping friendly brands available at your local hardware store if things are a bit grimy. Be prepared to do this on a warm day, because you are likely to get wet! It is amazing how much cleaner the exterior of our house looks after a good power wash!

7. Gutters

If you live in an area with tall trees, either in your yard or nearby, you are likely to have gutters full of leaves. Buildup can occur in gutters from the small gravel naturally sloughed off your roof shingles, also. Although I am not excited about getting on the roof, my husband and I tag team to blast out the gutters with a hose with a strong attachment. If you live in a one-story home, you can buy these handy gutter-cleaning attachments for your hose that work great, too.

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you are getting one step closer to being able to kick up your feet and enjoy the warmer weather, knowing your home is clean and organized from the inside out. Need help? Reach out to NEST Home, LLC.

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