Things Organized People Do-Break it Down

One of the reasons people get overwhelmed when tackling large tasks on their to-do list is because the task looks, well, too big. Insurmountable. Impossible.

Organized people have a trick...instead of looking at the big task as a whole, and all of the time and energy it will entail, they look at it as a series of small tasks that are short in duration, easily accomplished, and satisfying. Let's say one of the tasks on your to do list is to clean your garage. We want it neater, more organized, less full. It may seem like a full day project, and likely, it is.

If you don't have an entire Saturday to devote, start with a list of all the things that need to be done: re-stacking bins, organizing shelves, separating seasonal items, sweeping and cleaning, for example. Next, look realistically at how much time you can devote each day. Make sure it is a minimum of 10 minutes, but if that is all, that is fine. Chose ONE of your items, make space for a staging area, and put at least 10 minutes towards that task. Set an alarm if you need to. Don't worry, you know it won't get done in 10 minutes, but you do know you will devote that same amount of time (more if you can), the following day. Keep plugging away, and be consistent. A couple of things might happen:

*you will have a sense of satisfaction in working on a task you normally would detest

*you will have less stress

*you will very likely start working for longer amounts of time, as your confidence and enthusiasm grows

*you will get more done, more effectively

*you will get better and better at tackling large jobs, knowing what order to do them in, and maintaining them once they are complete.

It is kinda like this-if you are really hungry for a plate of spaghetti, and there is heaping bowl in front of you, does it really matter which strand you pick up first? Would you spend time, mouth watering, stomach growling, debating which noodle MUST be eaten first? NO! It is much the same...with a large task, broken into smaller jobs, just pick one and GO.

Make the impossible, possible.

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