Three MORE Things to Purge Right Now

Consider taking a few minutes this week to purge three MORE things...

1. Tupperware

That sock that doesn't have a match? Yeah, it's hiding right next to that tupperware lid you can never find. Put it out of it's misery. If you love to re-use, consider using that lid-less bottom to wrangle small items in your junk drawer, hair ties in your bathroom, or spare hardware in your garage.

2. Chipped coffee mugs and plates

Get rid of those mugs with cracks and chips, plates with cracks, even badly water-stained glasses. If you're crafty, consider using broken china to make a pretty planter. Broken china also make great drainage pieces at the bottom of planters. Not interested? Toss without guilt!

3. Any food you will not eat.

It may seem wasteful, but make a mental note not to purchase again, and pass that unopened and fresh packaged item to a food pantry. Opened, stale items should be thrown, and that tried-and-rejected mustard jammed in the back of your fridge can go, too. This is also a good time to check the expiration date on items in your fridge. Handy tip-if the item doesn't contain protein or citrus, compost it! And remember, all recyclable containers should be rinsed, first.

I LOVE to organize kitchens! If you find you are struggling to find a manageable system in any room in your house, I can help.

Make it a great week!