Three Things to Purge Right Now!

Each week in this new series, NEST Home will encourage you to purge three things from one category in your home. Because reorganizing can be an overwhelming task, start small by following these manageable and rewarding tips.

When our girls return to school in the fall, I am often energized to "reclaim" busy areas of the house. One such space is our laundry room. It is where swimsuits, towels, and other beach and pool gear have been dumped all summer long. I take this opportunity to do a mini organizing session, which gives us more room, and sets me up for next summer nicely.


Check for suits that are in good condition, wash on gentle, and store somewhere easily accessible. If you have a swimsuit with a tear or split seam, know that they are often difficult to repair because of the elasticity of the material, so consider ridding yourself of those. Jot a quick note of any future swimsuit needs.


Beach towels are easily bleached by the sun, dragged along sandy beaches, left on the garage floor, and forgotten in the back of the car. Each towel that is in good condition gets a clean in the wash, then stored. Those that are torn or badly faded can be put into the "rag" bin in the garage for the next car wash or spill. This is a great way to recycle!


Swim goggles can really take a beating from sun and chemicals. Those in good condition can be kept, toss those with broken bands, broken seals, and scratches.

Sunscreen bottles (of the same exact type) that contain less than 20% can be "married" together in one bottle, and caps should be tightened on remaining bottles. Double-check expiration dates, because sunscreen does lose its effectiveness over time.

When I'm out shopping this time of year, I keep an eye on the clearance aisles. I got lucky just last week and found swim goggles that were regularly priced at $8.99 a pair marked down to $1, so I purchased four pairs and put them in the swim bin for next year. If kept in their original package and stored, they'll be a nice surprise come next summer!

If you can predict how your child will grown, consider buying the next size of swimsuit for next year. For young kids, this generally isn't a problem. Swimsuit styles don't change drastically from year to year, so I take a peek at the racks for myself, too. Even if I only score a set of black bottoms for $3.99 on clearance, I know I can find a top that will match. I've also found great deals on swimsuit cover ups at this time of year.

I hope you've been inspired to organize your beach gear. Continue following each week as I focus on "Three Things to Purge Right Now" for more tips!

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