Two Simple Things to Try

A lot of what I get asked to talk about has to do with paperwork and bills. It is an ongoing challenge for many people, even in a digital world. And although paperwork is a significant part of what I deal with when I'm working with clients, there are actually two simple things you can do every day that can make a big impact.

Those two things have to do with your bed, and your laundry.

For one week, if you don't already do this, make your bed every single morning. This is a habit I started as a kid, and not on my own. My parents always did this themselves, and encouraged both my sister and I to do the same. (I say "encourage" loosely).

There have been times in my life when I didn't make my bed every day, but I always went back to this habit. I actually don't like NOT making my bed in the morning. In face, I've even noticed I perform this duty on vacation.

It may have something to do with feeling like I've set myself up to fully engage in my day. Sleeping is no longer an option. It is also a small accomplishment one can perform easily, and I really enjoy climbing into a neat bed at night.

The other thing is to do one load of laundry every day. For single people, this may actually be a challenge, and not necessary. For those with lots of kids, this one task takes little time, but yields big results when the weekend comes around (a time many reserve for catching up on laundry).

I'd even encourage those of you with older kids to take it one step further, and start your kids in the habit of doing their own laundry. By the time our kids were 11, they were each responsible for their own towels and laundry. It is a skill they'll use all their lives. Once they started this, we didn't hear complaints about their favorite shirt being dirty when they wanted to wear it, they started taking better care of their clothes, and became more responsible in other areas, as well.

Things two simple things may not seem like they won't make a big difference, but if you don't already do them, try, then let me know what you find out.

If you have an organizing topic you'd like to know more about, drop me a line, or comment below.

Stay warm, and have a great week.