I hesitate to say I've been on vacation, but Covid-19 has forced my hand, and being a non-essential worker, I am now on, well, vacation.

What does this mean for me? Not a whole lot. I'm doing the same things I've always done, I just have more time to do them. I don't have active clients right now, which is terribly understandable, but I miss them, and I miss my work.

What I DO have is a whole houseful of kids. This is a change for this time of year, and a welcome one. But these people have stuff to do themselves, and it has been quite an education for my husband and I watching how they budget their time, manage their commitments, and find things to entertain themselves. We're trying to be in the background while providing opportunities for outings we normally wouldn't indulge in during the week. We're trying very hard to let their needs guide our schedule, but it is a tough balance. I enjoy having a works for me, but it certainly is not a one-size-fits-all for everyone who lives here.

Our oldest daughter is pretty self-sufficient. She gets her required school work done on time, and enjoys being outdoors and getting exercise. She's always up for a hike, so we've had some great adventures. If you can ignore the fact that she's hasn't changed her clothes for four days, well, all is good.

Our middle daughter is restless. If you leave her be, she'll nest away in a corner, and you'll forget she is there. Poke her? You're in for a ride, and that energy had to go somewhere in recent weeks. She's done a lot of baking and creating, and a lot of pranking, but her big adventure has been sleeping in a tent in the garage for more than a week (her choice, I promise). I tried it with her one night...we giggled, heard coyotes howling, and I was entertained by her talking in her sleep. One night was enough.

Our youngest is a lounge lizard. She, too, is getting her work done, but her load is lighter than her older sisters. She has more free time. Her solution? She now has a cardboard village in her bedroom. She adds to it daily, and I'm always amazed by her creativity, and how the things that I would deem trash become important pieces of furniture.

What else have we done? We've planted our garden with greens, as we always do this time of year. I've started my tomatoes and peppers indoors. We've cleaned the garage. We've made masks for others. We've played games. We've done a lot of hiking. We've made a lot of messes, tried some new recipes, and had Nerf gun fights, but we are also getting restless, and bored.

These times are hard. I think we are all trying our best. I'm not going to tell people to get their homes organized, to get rid of excess clutter, appreciate the small things. I think those things are happening naturally. If you need help? Call me. I'm here to help. Otherwise enjoy this "unprecedented time," and the the roller coaster that is our lives, at least for now.