Why a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Organizing Doesn't Work.

I did my first podcast this week about my organizing business. In preparation, I thought a lot about what I wanted to say. I obtained current statistics about organizing, outlined different methods I'd studied, and made a list of talking points should I struggle. Fortunately, due to a very lively and engaging host, I didn't need any of these things.

Upon reflection, I think what was clear during this talk was something I feel very strongly about. There is no one-size-fits-all way to organize. There are certain tips, strategies, even products that I can provide to make things easier, but if I am not helping a client in a way that gives them success, on a very personal level, I am not doing my job.

This is one reason why I prefer to do in-person consultations. It gives both myself and the client an opportunity to get to know each other, and decide on a course of action that will work for them.

It is also why it is important for me to actively listen, ask questions, and work with a client during the process of organizing. I am capable of, and some clients are open to, setting up systems while working on my own. However, the best outcomes are a result of collaboration.

My weekly blogs cover a variety of topics, from seasonal cleaning to purging incentives, in a way that I hope everyone can learn from, and understand. But my business, ultimately, is based on building a working relationship that benefits my client.

If you are paying for a service that is as personal as inviting someone into your home to make changes in the way you live, insist upon hiring someone who values your input, your unique qualities, and your relationships. I promise, NEST Home puts YOU first.