WINTERIZING (Indoors)-A Guide

Things really start to get busy this month as we approach the upcoming holiday season.

Here is a guide that will help you get your indoors in order for the cooler, and busier, months ahead.


Take a few minutes to walk around your house and inspect your interior window seals. There should not be any gaps or air flow, and they should be clean of mildew and mold. While you're there, take window cleaner and get the surface cleaned.


Dust tops and bottoms of ceiling fans, and change the directional flow to CLOCKWISE.


Now is also a good time to check outlets and unplug any devices you aren't using. They collect dust, and even when inactive, some devices have an electricity draw.


We made it until the last week of October before we turned on our furnace...and may even get a chance or two before hard winter sets in to turn it off again for a day or two. During the winter months, invest some time either adjusting your thermostat for day/night use, or invest in a smart thermostat. Experts suggest lowering your thermostat at night for better quality sleep, but consider doing so during the day if your house is not occupied.


I'm convinced that there is a secret setting in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors that only senses battery effectiveness at 2am. Remove that frustration by replacing the batteries on all of your alarms in the fall.


We alternate our bedding twice a year, once in spring and once in the fall. Some people switch to flannel sheets, add a blanket, or perhaps switch a light cotton cover for a down comforter. Before packing away lighter bedding, give it a good wash, then store until spring.


As days get shorter, plants and people feel the lack of daylight. In rooms where you spend a lot of time, consider switching bulbs to full spectrum or to "daylight." You'll get better light, and perhaps a boost to your mood!

CLOTHES/SHOES/GEAR In fall, when I cooler temperatures occur at night, I am often grabbing a sweatshirt from the back of my closet. It takes a few times before I'm ready to move my clothes around. In the fall and winter, I make sure my long sleeves and sweatshirts are at the front of my closet, and t-shirts and tank tops get moved to the back.

Sandals also get put in to boxes and stored on a high shelf and boots and heavier shoes come out. Before I put them on the shelf, I usually get out my shoe protection and give them a quick conditioner or waterproof spray.

In our back room, we've built a shelf to store off-season outdoor gear. This time of year, we pull out our winter coats, snowpants, hats and gloves and bring them to the upstairs closet. Raincoats, sunscreen, and bug spray take their place back downstairs. It's also a great time to see if all our mittens have mates, and whether the kids' coats still fit.

This list isn't exhaustive-have I forgotten anything? Please comment and let me know!

Have a great week!