"Lisa is incomparable. I was being emotionally and physically crushed by all the things I had to do to prepare for a major move after the death of my husband. There was so much to do and I didn't know where to start.  She is organized, timely, and compassionate. From purging to boxing to setting up online and in-person sales, Lisa helped me wade through my belongings. On the day of my move, she was right there with me. If you are looking for someone who can and will do it all, look no further.  I have since moved to another state and am trying to go through my mom's things. I have not been able to find anyone like her and I have tried!" -K.T.W.

"I knew I needed help with organizing and thankfully I found Lisa.  We talked on the phone for a bit to get a sense of what I was looking to have done before her first visit.  When she came to my home, she quickly assessed the areas I decided to tackle first, then figured out what I needed to make that space more functional and less cluttered.  Lisa is easy to get along with, laid back, yet very professional.  She has limitless energy and seems to love what she does.  She went out of her way to make sure what was being done was what made sense to me.  Lisa gave numerous options to simplify the problem areas, all the while being nonjudgemental.  What is nice is how much time Lisa took teaching me how and what I needed to do to keep clutter to a minimum.  The best part of the process?  Lisa is SO much fun, so I actually enjoyed tackling this project and continue to work towards being more organized.  -Marjorie Bazluki


“My craft room closets, drawers, and shelving were full of stuff. I had boxes of framed
photographs, toys our grandchildren used ten years ago, and all the great bargains we found
and never use. They were cluttering up my space, and I couldn’t decide what to do with them.
Here is where Lisa rescued me. I would've never done this on my own! I love it every time I go
into my craft room now.” -Edie T.

“I had a wonderful experience with Lisa coming to help me organize and purge! Not only is she lovely to work with, but she is fast and efficient. She even takes away unwanted items and
donates them to the requested charities. Having less clutter and cleaner spaces is wonderful!! I am ready for the next room to be conquered! Thanks Lisa! You work wonders!” -Carmina R.

“Better than Konmarie!” Not only does Lisa guide you through the process of eliminating
unnecessary items and take charge of organizing what remains, she goes the extra step of
finding good homes for unneeded sentimental items that are hard to part with. That has been
the key for me of letting go. She also has a magical ability to find order in what looks to me like
chaos. She understands the “creative person” who needs to maintain a lot of supplies and
materials, but also needs to condense and find order. I’ve been working with Lisa for the last
couple of years and its the best money I’ve ever spent on my home! I’d highly recommend her
services!” -Jodie V.

“Lisa does an amazing job with her organization skills. She helped me out in small and large
areas, really took the time to understand what I wanted and would help me, appreciating that
everyone is different. She also helped me find creative uses for things I hadn’t considered,
having a true eye for reuse and recycle. Love her!!” -Sue M.

"I am so thankful for Lisa and her services! She was able to help me process through all of my stuff. We took one day each week to focus on an area of my home. She remained focused even when I was not (I needed to take a breather a few times and she just kept plugging away). She filled up her car after each visit and dropped off donations for me- which was a huge help! After 4 weeks and a truck full for Salvation Army, I was left with a home that had order!! I am now able to process items in home, on my own!" -Tanya S.